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Is your cellphone making you fatter?

I am regular with my fitness schedule. Once it occurred to me that I should be reading a lot more books than I am. My iPhone offered itself to be my e-reader while I am jogging and running on the treadmill. Sure it  helped me read a lot more and the feeling of fulfilling my quest made me carry my phone regularly to my fitness class. Soon I found myself using iPhone to record time when I did planks and wall squats etc.

Suddenly it occurred to me that my timing was slipping down. It came to a point where I couldn’t hold the wall squat posture any longer. I am usually good at maintaining the posture for the same time for all the reps. Then a thought if my cellphone was somehow inhibiting me, flashed upon my mind. After two exhausting repetitions of the wall squat with my cellphone on my thigh, I decided to put the mobile far off to check if it makes a difference. Then leaned back against the wall looking at the wall clock in front of me, to record timing. This rep was different. I felt I could hold the posture for a longer time compared to the last two reps. Usually I find energy reduce as the reps increase but here I was able to maintain the posture without the energy drain.

From this point, I wanted to check if cellphone was the real cause of my reduced energy during workout. I stopped carrying my phone for the next few days. My plank timing was back on track and so did the other free weight trainings. I never had a problem with the controlled weights though (probably dropping my phone into the cup holder helped).

I know someone who told me that cellphones lower our energy but I never believed it. This incident however made me believe if that was true. So if you are someone who regularly workout and carry mobile devices to keep you entertained, why not try to skip it for couple of days and see if the routine was any different. If so, please share your experience.

How to relax body and mind in 15 minutes?

Do you constantly experience stress in the body? Do you have to pop pills to have a good night sleep? Well, read on. There is a natural way to ease body stress. Trade the sleeping pills with this technique and see for yourself how beneficial it is.

1. Lay down in a comfortable position (Set an alarm if needed).
2. Close your eyes. Position the leg in such a way that the ankles touch each other.
3. Lay your hand by the side of your thigh slightly stretched out with palms open.
4. Concentrate on your feet. Imagine the feet and mentally relax the feet. I suggest to beginners to mentally repeat ‘Feel the part/organ. Relax the part/organ’. For example, ‘Feel the feet, relax the feet’.
5. Repeat the mental chanting with concentration on the part you are relaxing.
6. You will either feel that the part becomes lighter or feel a chillness in the part you are concentrating. At this point move onto the next part.
7.Repeat this chanting on the legs, knees, thighs, genitals, making your way to the top of the head.
8. By the time the brain is relaxed, you will feel that the entire body is relaxed.
9. Open your eyes slowly as if waking up from a deep sleep.

This is a slight variation to the Shavasana, one of the Yoga postures. As you practice this technique everyday, you will find that your mind can concentrate on the organ you want to relax without the need for chanting. You will gradually feel your consciousness inside the organ you concentrate. Its a delightful experience that I am unable to explain with fancy words.

The regular practice of this technique also improves concentration and energy. You won’t need pain killers that comes with a bag full of side effects.

Glory be to Guru Patanjali for giving numerous invaluable yoga postures.

Take control

I have been thinking a lot about this, not talking about taking control, but about the topic that will become my first blog. The first impression lasts longer, isn’t it? So I decided to write what I am so passionate about.

Take control. As easy as it sounds, many of you know well what it takes to be in control. As humans we give in easily to pride, pain, anger, frustration and a zillion other things. I have seen some of my friends who really want to quit smoking but couldn’t. They just feel that it is out of their hands. Instead of taking control of the situation we are letting the situation take control of us, believing that we do not have enough strength to resist back the urge. So goes the rest of the troubles in the life. Is there really a way out of this that keeps our life balanced?

Yes, there is. All it takes fifteen minutes of your time everyday. No, I am not selling any mind controlling product here and I honestly don’t have a product to sell too 🙂

Have you observed how difficult it is for someone to talk you out of a stressful situation when you aren’t willing to be convinced? Imagine, how easy it is to get out of a trouble if you already knew there is a way  out of it. The problem exists in both the cases but what makes a difference is how you put your mind to it.

The simplest solution to attaining this level of mind is simply exploring our inner self. Here is the meditation technique I have used many years ago (now I am into practicing higher levels of meditation). This technique should help you handle the daily stress and be in a position to handle things efficiently.

  1. Find a calm environment in your home (or just anywhere that will not disturb your senses)
  2. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  3. Concentrate on your breath.
  4. Bring your concentration to the nose. Feel the air flowing in and out.
  5. Your mind will wander at the beginning. So don’t be hard on yourself. Simply ignore them and bring back the concentration to your breath.
  6. After fifteen minutes, slowly open your eyes.

A beginner will have difficulty in concentrating especially if you are constantly in stress. The key to this is the regular practice. Dedicate fifteen minutes from everyday to slow down your mind. Start to feel what it means to be without all the thoughts nagging you for sometime. Just as a body builder (am not talking about those using steriods) who regularly works out, stays on diet to achieve his goal, so is this practice. If you are regular, you will see yourself with a positive change very soon. It has helped me and I really wish you will be able to make a little time to explore yourself.

Share your experiences and questions. I will be happy to share the knowledge I have.